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Helping women create stronger bodies that can last a lifetime is my speciality.  

Most people focus on the here and now; focusing on looking good and feeling good – and that’s a great start BUT 


Leveling up your fitness routine means incorporating targeted and intentional exercises that strengthen your muscles and bones – And why not? You’re working out anyway, right? (and if not, let’s talk about starting that up, ok??)  

Why not invest your time wisely?!    

No more jogging around the block chasing your dreams of a better looking, better feeling you yet going nowhere.

There’s no more guesswork! I’ll help you create a fitness and health program that works for your lifestyle and goals!  

I focus on  the right amount of exercise in the right way

Working with clients, I optimise exercise programs by:

  •  Giving you the most bang for your buck. Your time is precious and your exercise routine should be focused and effective.

“Stacey has a distinctive approach. She has filtered her workouts so they are shorter, but more effective. She does a total body workout without wasting any time. Every move she teaches has multiple purposes. Her workouts are effective and efficient.” [Jamie Geller, Celebrity Chef and Bestselling Author.

  • Focusing on often overlooked essentials such as better bone health, core strengthening, pelvic floor integrity, stamina, and more. 
  • Ensuring your safety! My number one priority is that my clients are doing things right! I make sure your form is spot on (doing the exercises correctly and aren’t causing more harm than good).

Most people would say…I’m obsessed with Bone Health…that’s the topic that lights me up and makes me want to shout out on the rooftops…don’t neglect your bones!!  

So why the obsession?  I had a serious wake up call – my lovely mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis after a sudden (no fall, no sneeze, no nothing!) fragility fracture in her lumbar spine. She could barely move, she was in terrible pain, and it surprised the heck out of her!

Here is the big take away:

Secretly and silently, your bones could be whittling away without your knowledge BUT Osteoporosis and fractures are preventable

And prevention can start with your next workout. 

“I thought my doctor would be thrilled that I’d started swimming weekly. I was surprised when he told me that although great for my muscles, it did nothing for my bones. My bones, I thought? I’m under 30! Why do I need to worry about my bones? I had no idea where to go or who could guide me in finding an exercise regimen that would be perfect for me- and all of me. Until I heard about Stacey.” (R.S., Beit Shemesh)

Work with me and we’ll talk about my four pillars of a well balanced fitness program:

  • Strength Training
  • Impact Exercises
  • Posture
  • Balance training   

Strength training – lift heavy stuff and see your body transform – scary?  I’ll show you how to start and keep it going.

Impact exercise – tell your bones they need to grow.  Jumping rope is my oxygen – not your style?  We’ll find something for you that fits your needs.

Posture – If sitting is the new smoking then great posture is the cure.  Proper alignment helps (almost) everything.

Stacey is focused on posture.  I so appreciate this focus… It certainly helps with good form for the workouts. [Maryann Touitou, Denver].

Balance training – it’s not your old fashioned standing on one leg business…this is serious fun stuff that gets you moving in all directions!i

‘When you work out with Stacey you feel really invigorated. Her professionalism in regards to the workout is incorporated in a fun and productive way… You can’t belief that the class is  over, because the time just flies. She is great for any type of workout, whether in the pool or indoors, in person, or online..” [S.L].

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“Stacey Kalla has been my personal trainer for a while and I very highly recommend her. Stacey is very knowledgeable. She knows how to motivate. She also has an excellent sense of when to push and when to keep things even. More importantly, she is a pleasure to work with.” [N.S]

“Stacey really listened to my health concerns and offered several good ideas.” [S.L.].

About Stacey

Hi, I’m Stacey and I specialize in helping women create stronger bodies that can last a lifetime.

Passionate about educating and empowering women to focus on their inner strengths -core, pelvic floor and bone health – key elements in vitality and longevity, I incorporate functional movement patterns in my strength training programs to build better bones, stronger muscles, and improve balance and posture.

My philosophy is that exercise should be

  • fun
  • specific
  • effective
  • efficient
  • in a pressure free and safe environment

I’ve helped women look beyond “quick weight loss” or fad diets to discover that attention to healthier choices adds up to a healthier body and mind. Together, we’ll tackle and debunk all your diet and fitness myths, questions and concerns.  

Those nagging questions of which exercises to do when will be erased forever! 

When it comes to health, you need to look at the whole picture and that includes BONE health!

Osteoporosis is often called a silent disease because bone loss occurs without symptoms. It’s a well hidden sneaky secret.  

I want to make sure you know that secret.

In my work with my clients, I’m not talking about bones all day. Far from it. I’m focused on giving my clients a whole health picture, focusing on getting them as healthy as possible.

That includes my four health pillars:

  • Strength training 
  • Impact exercises
  • Posture 
  • Balance

And it also includes improving lifestyle habits such as sleep, stress, nutrition, water intake, and activity levels. 

And within all that work, we make sure your bones are in the best shape they can be, enhancing your overall functional movement, mobility, and vitality at every age and stage. 

Stacey’s level of knowledge is unsurpassed. I never heard about bone health until I started working with her. Working with her has had a positive effect on everything I do.” [Jamie Geller, Celebrity Chef and Bestselling Author]

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My relationships with my clients define me as a great trainer.

As a personal trainer, I:

  • Bond well with my clients and share in their success
  • Love being part of their health journey and just having fun working out with them!
  • Provide a safe, supportive, and caring environment 

“Stacey starts by getting to know her client’s particular needs; no pre-set program here.  Rather, it is based on individual needs and goals…Stacey is personable and made a great effort to get to know me as a person.  This is the holistic approach I was looking for in a trainer![Maryann Touitou, Denver].

I would describe Stacey as loving and caring; working with her, you become not just a client, but a friend. She couldn’t care more about my success. She’s always checking in between our scheduled time together. She’s my cheerleader, always available with practical advice both during and outside the session.” [J.G.]

My focus and attention is on YOUR health and well being.  

“Stacey Kalla has been my personal trainer for a while and I very highly recommend her. Stacey is very knowledgeable. She knows how to motivate. She also has an excellent sense of when to push and when to keep things even. More importantly, she is a pleasure to work with.” [N.S.]

“Stacey really listened to my health concerns and offered several good ideas.” [S.L.].

To date, I’ve completed the following certifications and specializations that help me help you.

  • NCCA Accredited Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Behavior Change Specialist
  • FAI Certified Functional Aging Specialist
  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist
  • Advanced Nutrition Certification
  • Aquatic Personal Trainer

Aside from my private work, I am also the personal trainer and behavioral change coach for an Anti-Aging clinic, the only one of it’s kind in Israel.

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So how do we know if we’re a good fit?

If you: 

  • Care about owning your long-term health, not just the here-and-now
  • Are willing to be challenged in a pressure-free, safe environment
  • Look beyond quick weight loss and fad diets 
  • Recognize that healthier choices leads to a healthier body and mind

Then I would love to help YOU define your health goals and reach your fitness potential!

SCHEDULE A CALL TODAY and we’ll chat about your goals and explore how to create a more powerful you. I would be happy to meet you face to face or online.



One to One Personal Training – online or local

Customized workout plans that guide you every step of the way towards a stronger, healthier you.  We’ll focus on strength training, impact exercises, good posture and improving balance as we talk about your dreams and ambitions.  Together, we’ll partner to achieve your goals using positive behavioral change and accountability through daily email check ins.  

  • Monthly personal training packages after initial assessment: 
    • 1 x per week –  $300 for a month
    • 2x per week – $560 for a month 
    • 3x per week – $820 for a month 

Online training: $170 per month

  • Detailed online intake 
  • Customized workout plans that guide you  and erase the guesswork of the hows, whats and whens.  Based on your specific goals, current fitness level, physical limitations and/or health history (if any).
  • A new workout plan every two weeks
  • Accountability with daily email check in – you’ll never feel alone in your fitness journey, we’re doing this together!

Hybrid training: $229 per month

  • The best of both worlds – personal training at a fraction of the cost!
    • All the benefits of online training, plus: 
    • One personal  50 minute personal training session per month which includes:
      • Keeping you on track and checking in on your progress in real live time.
      • Addressing any concerns or questions with immediate feedback.
      • “Form patrol” –  I’ll  check to make sure all exercises are performed correctly and safely and to your ultimate benefit.

One time personal assessment : $135

  • An in depth intake of your health history, goals and objectives
    • Topics usually include ‘what is a well rounded fitness program?’, daily activity leveling up, debunking diet fads and how to choose what is right for you,  increasing sleep, stamina and overall well being.
    • 75-90 minutes in length – either local or online
    • Includes a customized workout plan for a month
    • ($70 can be applied to the first month of one to one personal training!)

Aqua Fitness

  • Live water fitness classes (seasonal) – contact for pricing and availability – 058-646-3087 call or whatsapp 
  • 50 minutes classes in a beautiful pool in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel
  • High-energy,low-impact full body workout combining strength training, barre work, cardio, and flexibility.  Super fun and effective workouts that are easy on the joints.
  • Experience the joy of connecting to the lovely ladies of RBS who love these classes 

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