One to One Personal Training – online or local

Customized workout plans that guide you every step of the way towards a stronger, healthier you.  We’ll focus on strength training, impact exercises, good posture and improving balance as we talk about your dreams and ambitions.  Together, we’ll partner to achieve your goals using positive behavioral change and accountability through daily email check ins.  

  • Monthly personal training packages after initial assessment: 
    • 1 x per week –  $300 for a month
    • 2x per week – $560 for a month 
    • 3x per week – $820 for a month 

Online training: $170 per month

  • Detailed online intake 
  • Customized workout plans that guide you  and erase the guesswork of the hows, whats and whens.  Based on your specific goals, current fitness level, physical limitations and/or health history (if any).
  • A new workout plan every two weeks
  • Accountability with daily email check in – you’ll never feel alone in your fitness journey, we’re doing this together!

Hybrid training: $229 per month

  • The best of both worlds – personal training at a fraction of the cost!
    • All the benefits of online training, plus: 
    • One personal  50 minute personal training session per month which includes:
      • Keeping you on track and checking in on your progress in real live time.
      • Addressing any concerns or questions with immediate feedback.
      • “Form patrol” –  I’ll  check to make sure all exercises are performed correctly and safely and to your ultimate benefit.

One time personal assessment : $135

  • An in depth intake of your health history, goals and objectives
    • Topics usually include ‘what is a well rounded fitness program?’, daily activity leveling up, debunking diet fads and how to choose what is right for you,  increasing sleep, stamina and overall well being.
    • 75-90 minutes in length – either local or online
    • Includes a customized workout plan for a month
    • ($70 can be applied to the first month of one to one personal training!)

Aqua Fitness

  • Live water fitness classes (seasonal) – contact for pricing and availability – 058-646-3087 call or whatsapp 
  • 50 minutes classes in a beautiful pool in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel
  • High-energy,low-impact full body workout combining strength training, barre work, cardio, and flexibility.  Super fun and effective workouts that are easy on the joints.
  • Experience the joy of connecting to the lovely ladies of RBS who love these classes 

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