Stacey is a caring and well trained personal trainer who has true interest in her clients. When we started to consult about what kind of a program I would benefit from, I had some serious concerns because of my physical limitations. I learned that she was extremely willing to accept recommendations from my physical therapist when designing a program that would best help me to develop my strengths and abilities. She was pleasant and upbeat all of the time, and often called me even between our meetings to see how I was doing. She was also most willing to modify the program whenever it seemed that we could improve it for my needs. I found her enthusiasm and her happy personality to be most encouraging to me as I began the program we settled on. I would happily recommend Stacey as a personal trainer for ladies.
Stacey has a distinctive approach. She has filtered her workouts so they are shorter, but more effective. She does a total body workout without wasting any time. Every move she teaches has multiple purposes. Her workouts are effective and efficient.” [Jamie Geller, Celebrity Chef and Bestselling Author.
Jamie Geller
Celebrity Chef and Bestselling Author
I would describe Stacey as loving and caring; working with her, you become not just a client, but a friend. She couldn’t care more about my success. She’s always checking in between our scheduled time together. She’s my cheerleader, always available with practical advice both during and outside the session.