Holistic approach to fitness and well-being. Incorporating scientifically proven movement pillars to benefit you now and forever. Personal training that gets you what you WANT by giving you what you NEED.

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Welcome, I’m Stacey and I help women look beyond “quick weight loss” and ‘cardio only’ workouts to discover a holistic approach to well being.  Attention to healthier choices and more effective strategies add up to a more resilient and stronger body and mind.

I’m passionate about educating and empowering women to focus on the key elements in vitality and longevity, our ‘inner strengths’, core, pelvic floor and bone health.  With every workout, we incorporate functional movement patterns in our strength training programs to build better bones, stronger muscles, and improve balance and posture.

Helping women create stronger bodies that last a lifetime is my priority.  I’m focused on gifting my clients a holistic health approach that includes everything you need to get the things that you want.

Whatever your fitness goals - I've got you covered

Strength Training

Build strength, build lean muscle and lose fat = body transformation

Impact Training

Build bone, build core strength, maintain pelvic floor integrity

Balance Training

Increase multi-directional mobility and fall resistance


Strengthen back muscles and decrease pain in posterior chain and susceptibility to injury


Imagine, a customized fitness plan that has YOU in mind with all of your dreams, goals, abilities and limitations.  That’s what you get with my Foundation Package – I take you step by step through workout plans, meal suggestions, exercise instructions and strategies to create better habits.  Those nagging questions of what to do when will be erased forever!

Foundation Package

Customized Program

Personalized workout plans and an all inclusive well-being program that fits your needs and goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Meal Plans and weight loss strategies based on your preferences and lifestyle.

Accountability and Mindset

1 to 1 training and check in sessions.  Behavioral change and habit formation coaching.

Expert resources

Instructional videos, exercise library and fitness, nutrition and well-being resources.

The Foundation  Package is a 4 week all inclusive health and fitness program that gives you the essential tools to exercise with confidence, develop more effective habits, be accountable to set and reach goals, eat healthful, mindful and flexible meals and have resources at the ready.  Packages can be renewed each month.  

A la Carte Training Sessions

One off personal training sessions.  

Choose what you need, when you need it.

45 minute personal training session

50 minute personal training sessi6n

Are you ready to take the next step in your fitness journey?


Stacey has a distinctive approach. She has filtered her workouts so they are shorter, but more effective. She does a total body workout without wasting any time. Every move she teaches has multiple purposes. Her workouts are effective and efficient.
Jamie Geller
Celebrity Chef and Bestselling Author
Stacey starts by getting to know her client’s particular needs; no pre-set program here. Rather, it is based on individual needs and goals...Stacey is personable and made a great effort to get to know me as a person. This is the holistic approach I was looking for in a trainer!
MaryAnn Touitou
Denver, CO
I thought my doctor would be thrilled that I’d started swimming weekly. I was surprised when he told me that although great for my muscles, it did nothing for my bones. My bones, I thought? I’m under 30! Why do I need to worry about my bones? I had no idea where to go or who could guide me in finding an exercise regimen that would be perfect for me- and all of me. Until I heard about Stacey
Stacey is a caring and well trained personal trainer who has true interest in her clients. I had some serious concerns because of my physical limitations. She modified the program whenever it seemed that we could improve it for my needs. I found her enthusiasm and her happy personality to be most encouraging.
I would describe Stacey as loving and caring; working with her, you become not just a client, but a friend. She couldn’t care more about my success. She’s always checking in between our scheduled time together. She’s my cheerleader, always available with practical advice both during and outside the session.


Tools and tips to get you started on your whole body health journey.


I'm Ready!

Contact me and we’ll get started on your fitness journey.

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