Fitness Coaching and Personal Training That Gets You What You Want by Giving You What You Need.

Whatever your fitness goals – I’ve got you covered.

Achieve all of your fitness and health goals with these fundamental  movement pillars that I incorporate in every workout:

Strength training – build strength, build lean muscle and lose fat = body transformation

Impact training – build bone, build core strength, maintain pelvic floor integrity

Balance training – increase multidirectional mobility and fall resistance

Posture – strengthen back muscles and decrease pain in posterior chain and susceptibility to injury

Strength Training

Impact Exercises

Balance Training

Posterior Chain

Client love and appreciation for what I do best.

Stacey has a distinctive approach. She has filtered her workouts so they are shorter, but more effective. She does a total body workout without wasting any time. Every move she teaches has multiple purposes. Her workouts are effective and efficient.
Jamie Geller
Celebrity Chef and Bestselling Author