How To Calm The Craziness

How To Calm The Craziness

Crazy times call for calming ways.  

Calming ways we can take care of ourselves in this battle of uncertainty and fear. 

We’re in complete lock-down now and the last time I went on a stress releasing walk was almost two weeks ago. 

I’m missing my walks. 

Walks are my go to exercise after an intense jump rope session, when I don’t feel like working too hard but don’t want to skip a workout, or just need alone time to re-energize. 

For me, spending time outdoors provides a tranquil backdrop that transforms my busy and hectic life into manageable pieces.  So you can imagine that as times get crazier, more hectic and out of control, my need for calming activities revs up.  

Luckily, I have been rediscovering some of my favorite activities that have been doing wonders to calm my nerves.

Here are a few ideas and I hope they will help you too!

Dancing: Ever dance in the middle of your living room with the music blasting? No? Try it.  If you’re a little inhibited by the notion of letting go, get up early in the morning before the kids, draw the blinds, move around some furniture and just go for it.  Think your kids might enjoy a little dance party? Include them and bring on the joy and laughter. 

Rebounding/Jumping: Jumping on a mini trampoline – or as I was fortunate to do yesterday – jump on your mega sized trampoline in your backyard!  A great workout (even better than running- see link below) and a total release of tension!  If you don’t have access to a mini trampoline – doing 100 jumping jacks (you can break it up in smaller sets of 10 or 20) can definitely do the trick of releasing that stress.

Fascia Stretching – Fascia is our connective tissue – defined as a system that interpenetrates and surrounds all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers, endowing the body with a functional structure, and providing an environment that enables all body systems to operate in an integrated manner. Basically, Fascia is responsible for just about everything!  Lift both arms in the air and stretch your fingers apart in a big and strong ‘jazz hand’.  Hold on to one wrist and pull up and slightly over.  Hold that stretch for 5-6 ‘belly breaths’ – it only takes a few minutes for some immediate tension release.  Check out my video

If you’re new to working out, your current program is not working for you, or the new reality of working out from home seems daunting – contact me, I would love to help get you started!