How To Keep Moving When You’re Not Going Anywhere!

How To Keep Moving When You’re Not Going Anywhere!

The ultimate test of endurance is trying to stay fit and healthy while confined to lock-down restrictions.  

Here in Israel, the Passover holiday just ended and after eating matzah, meat and chocolate all week, my usual battle cry to shed those extra pounds is to add a brisk walk around the neighborhood each day to my normal strength training workouts.  As we know too well, that’s just not happening.

So what’s my plan?  

Here are a handful of ideas to stay moving during a lock-down.

  1. Gardening.  Oh, how I love manicured gardens bursting with vibrant colors and swaying with life.  What I have is a very large neglected pit with weeds poking out of dirt pebbles in need of time and care.  Perfect! I’ve got the time and I definitely care! To the delight of the children we are planning our garden dreams and each day we’ll work in the garden and move into spring.  
  1. Walking or standing desk.  Ever heard that ‘sitting is the new smoking’?  Many years ago, we graciously accepted a third hand treadmill to turn into a walking desk.  Although it was used a handful of times, never have I been more grateful to have this monstrous piece of metal taking up precious space in our little home.  So instead of running to the shops and walking around town, I hop on the treadmill to put in my steps for the day while writing, working or keeping up with the news.  My desk consists of a wooden shelf, two metal shelf brackets and two yoga blocks that rest against the arms of the treadmill. No treadmill? No worries. Pile up a stack of coffee table books and set them on your kitchen counter or desk and transform it into a standing desk.  Alternatively, you can find an array of such desks online from cardboard standing desks to fully adjustable treadmill desks. Whichever way you choose, make sure they are ergonomically safe. Many websites online can guide you on how to set up your own desk.
  1. Add a movement habit to your routine.   Add 10 ‘jumping jacks’ after you brush your teeth.  Add 10 ‘squats’ before your cup of coffee. Add 10 ‘burpees’ before bed. The idea is to add in a new movement either right before or directly after an existing routine. This is called habit stacking and when you ‘stack’ activities together, you will be more likely to add that in to your daily routine. Any movement will do, just add it in and let it become your new habit.
  1. Floor time with the kids.  Grab the kids and play some active games that keep everyone moving.  Such as a game of tag, imitating animal moves (bear crawls, snake slithering etc.), Simon says or timed treasure hunts that include a lot of bustling around.  Hours of playtime fun for everyone!
  1. Short walks with (or without) the family.  If you’re lucky enough to step outside for fresh air but limited to a certain distance, walk up and down the block.  Schedule turns with members of your family for private time together. 

If you want some more ideas or need some added guidance on how to keep moving, contact me!